AGROfuel is not “bio”: it comes from monocultures …

pipeline ruptures are not the only reason to doubt energy strategies:

1. energy systems should not be based on THERMAL (nuclear or combustion) energy
2. traffic should not be based on oil (cars and airplanes: NOT by combustion)
3. 50% of the Earth should be Natl Parks including (100%) the poles

a) *** that is, NO COMBUSTION ***
a1) neither of (fossile) oil/gas/coal and
(exception maybe gas because natural gas can be set free by natural
catastrophic events as well;
but still: better keep and use gas as a raw material for later generations)
a2) nor of (“renewable”) wood/”green”fuel/AGROfuel etc.
(which is no “bio”fuel at all: it is monocultures and food/forest losses)

(both fossile and “renewable” sources are a valuable resource for materials engineering for our kids and following generations as well. They should not be deposited as CO2 in the atmosphere, nor wasted for — BisphenolA poisonous — plastics for toys which are transported over 5000 km across the world, just to be sent back then; AND: there is a cheat, in addition, since “re”foresting” of those “renewable” trees of destroyed forests places small “young” trees of a few cubic meters instead of “harvested” 50 cubic meters or more; they had 10.000s of square meters of leaf surface, while young trees hav a few dozen square meters only)

b) *** and NO NO NO to NUCLEAR POWER ***
which is thermal energy, too.
(nuclear fuel heats water, and THEN ONLY — with 30%-40% efficiency degree —
a steam (!) turbine generates electric power)
(more about RISKY and CATASTROPHIC disasters, worldwide; here are listings of serious/catastrophic accidents worldwide, in English and Deutsch)

problems in all cases: enormeous climate + environment + resources damages

* Earth Warming by going the (energy) detour of heat before having electric power;
* Catastrophic Environmental waste (Uranium/coal mining, oil/gas “production”
— ever seen those yellow-black uranium waste (open air) deposit areas
where yellow is the Uranium area and black is the “rest” waste?
have a look at Uranium mining videos at
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
their (radioactive) dust is blown by storms from Kakadu Natl (!) Park across
Australia until Indonesia, India, maybe even North Asia, America and Europe; —
* Lost resources and raw materials for our kids and later generations:
40/50/60 years are said to be the time horizon for oil/gas/uranium
(“at present prices”; i.e. after 100 years it is more or less over;
already now, “dirty” (and much more expensive) oil sand is used for fuel
production for “our” cars and airplanes)

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